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Find a Home

Bypass the Middleman

Buyers can reap the rewards when buying from a FSBO home seller because the price of the home is typically lower than homes on the MLS since sellers do not have to pay the typical 6% commission.

Sellers know more about their own home than a listing agent. There is no going back and forth to get answers. Real estate agents like to keep buyers and sellers away from each. This is counter-productive.

Get an inspection from a licensed inspector who will bring a ladder. Don't rely on a realtor's choice because it might just be their nephew.

Meet with the seller's real estate attorney or bring one of your own and fill out the paperwork. An attorney will help you understand the needed forms.

Sell Your Home

Experience the Rewards

Congratulations on taking the first step in selling your own home and saving thousands of dollars in real estate commissions.

Selling and closing on your home is relatively easy but you should educate yourself on the process before you start.

Get an appraisal from an appraiser that will include a market analysis based on your local MLS. Pricing your home right the first time is extremely important in a competitive market.

Consult a real estate attorney to handle the paperwork and closing. It is usually less expensive than paying the real estate commission depending on the selling price of your home and it will help you rest easy.